how to keep Thanksgiving partying safeThanksgiving is right around the corner and most see this holiday as an opportunity to travel and spend it with family members. For most, the day before Thanksgiving is a great time to reunite with old friends. However, because Thanksgiving is the most traveled holidays, it is important to be careful. It also is one of the holidays with the most DUIs and drunk drivers. In the following article by the Wall Street Journal, they discuss how Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that has the highest DUIs:

Home for the Holiday, Time to Party

Things often don’t go according to plan, though, as parents discover their college-age kids heading out the door for a Thanksgiving Eve tradition of their own: the alcohol-fueled get-together of the old high-school crowd.

Some experts would like to heighten awareness of the Thanksgiving DUI threat. “The question to ask, whether of a young adult or any adult, is, ‘Do you have a plan for getting home?’ ” says Sandra Aamodt, neuroscientist and co-author of the book “Welcome To Your Child’s Brain.” “Make a plan before you’re out having fun and in a group,” she says. “Cold cognition is always more effective than hot cognition. Reason is better than emotion.”

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Sometimes it is better to prevent problems before they happen. DUI laws are extremely strict in most states and the tolerance levels are low. This means that you can have one beer or one drink, wait a few hours, and then possibly drive safe. If you plan on indulging, then your best bet is to know that you will be drinking more than one drink and go about a plan that keeps you safe. Even if you are not planning on drinking, then understand that there are many drunk drivers on the road. One of the ways to keep you or your loved ones who are going out safe, is by hiring transportation ahead of time. In the following article by O’Hare-Midway Limo, they discuss some of the reasons that hiring a transportation service will keep you and your loved ones safe if you plan on going out:

Thanksgiving Safety: Getting Home Safely After Holiday Indulgence

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is also known for being a dangerous time to be on the road.

In fact, it’s the most traveled holiday of the year and boasts a discouraging number of DUI arrests, making Thanksgiving a little bit treacherous for those of you looking to visit relatives this year.

Luckily, there are easy ways to get to and from your Thanksgiving destination this year without putting yourself in harm’s way or sacrificing your enjoyment of a few glasses of Thanksgiving wine.

A great car service company will provide you with a late-model vehicle that has been meticulously maintained and serviced, to guarantee that you get home safely and easily.

When you choose the right company, you can rest assured that the chauffeur who drives you home after Thanksgiving dinner will background-checked, drug-tested and experienced in customer service and navigation in the area.

If you book one of the larger vehicles in your chosen company’s fleet, you can offer rides to any family members or friends who aren’t comfortable or aren’t able to drive themselves home at the end of the evening. Everyone wins.

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Thanksgiving can be both fun and safe if you plan properly. Hiring a car service can ensure that you and your friends are safe even if the weather is bad. A chauffeur who is used to driving in those conditions, will be able to drive you home safely. It can ensure that you don’t get a DUI even if you had a drink hours ago. It can also guarantee that you are not involved in an accident.