Limo EtiquetteWhen hiring a limo or a town car, it is important to understand that there is a particular etiquette associated when riding in one. These considerations should be taken into account so that your limo or town car experience is a pleasant one. The following article by Affluent Magazine discusses what etiquette should be used in detail so that you can get more out of your experience:

The Road Well-Traveled: Limousine or Town Car Etiquette

A limousine or town car is an easy and efficient mode of transportation. Some might need a driver in order to do business while en route, and some might rent a driver so they can ride like a rock star. Whatever the case, I am all for it! Everyone should have a personal chauffeur if it can be afforded. Here are tips to assist you in “the road well traveled!”

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The article talks about the necessary aspects to take into consideration when hiring a limo or town car service. The following article by A Savannah Nite discusses some additional tips for town car and limo service etiquette that are not mentioned in the first article but are extremely useful as well:

Limo Etiquette 101: 4 Tips Every Passenger Should Know

Booking transportation for your big evening, regardless of the event, is an easy way to stay safe and add some real pizazz to your arrival at each destination.

Unfortunately, many people book limos not knowing the importance of basic limo etiquette.

Read through our short list of rules of etiquette on your next limo ride.

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Both of the the above articles talk about things to take into consideration when hiring a limo or town car service. Some of these aspects are good to know before walking into a situation and being caught “off-guard”. One question that most people seem to question is “How much should I tip the driver”? The following article by Limo Services does a fantastic job at answering that question:

How Much Should We Tip Our Limo Chauffeur

When a couple or a group of friends take a limousine out for the evening or a day trip, they often wonder how much they should tip their chauffeur. Some people may not even realize that they need to tip the driver and think that the gratuity is part of the amount they pay for the limo service. For the majority of limo service companies, the gratuity or tip is not included in the price of services.

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Here you have three different articles that provide useful information on the etiquette when hiring a limo or town car service. Hiring a town car or limo service can be an extremely memorable and enjoyable experience so that you can make the most out of your event.

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